Monday, 12 October 2009

I've been working on a cocktail

Och aye. I have just this last hour returned from a rather entertaining and fun-filled couple of nights in London, it was fun and this is why...

Got there on Saturday afternoon, straight out of St. Pancras and into a Mexican fast food place to get a burrito, and everyone loves a burrito, and a mojito, I didn't actually have a mojito but everyone loves one. Later that night Trace Bish and I meandered on down to the Relentless Garage in Highbury to see some musically gifted fellows going by the name of Johnny Foreigner. There I just happened (as if completely by accident) to bump into one of the coolest, sexiest and darn-right talented people in existence. I apologised to Michael Winner and then instead met up with Tom which was a wholly disappointing affair laden with homoerotic undertones and awkward silences. Luckily for all of us Johnny Foreigner were pretty fucking tight (a good adjective when it comes to the analysis of live music) so we didn't have to fill said silences with anything but praise for the aforementioned band.

THEN ON SUNDAY I WENT ON AN ADVENTURE!!! Someone says to you, "hey, we're going to shootlondon today" and you automatically start thinking about either calling the police or buying the new grand theft auto game they're talking about, but no, shootlondon is something completely different, though it does include London and shooting. You're given a clue sheet containing five clues (funnily enough), the answers of which are locations in a set area of London, we were doing shootspitalfields, and Trace Bish knows everything about that area, so all we had to do was compensate for the complete lack of photographic ability that either of us had, let alone the cameras which were basic in comparison to the kit other people had brought with them, most of which looked like they could be easily utilised as heat-guided missile launchers. On top of the clues for locations, we also got given three words for inspiration for three more separate photos, so as well as trekking to Columbia Road, a Turkish bath house, an art gallery at no. 56 Artillery Lane, the Whitechapel art gallery and David "insert weirdly spelt surname that I can't quite remember here"'s Idea Store (a library), we had to photographically interpret "wireless", "chatterbox" and "read between the lines". Needless to say we didn't win any of the prizes, but a fun day was had by all.

Now I'm back in Leicester, feeling hungry and preparing my speech with which I will annihilate anyone who will listen at the Job Centre on Wednesday, silly bastard twatbusses still haven't got anywhere near giving me my constitutional right of £100 for the past two weeks, which makes me a particularly pissed-off benefit scrounger.

I have also made 200 flyers for our up and coming gig at Sumo in Leicester, and I know 200 is more than optimistic, but I like them, so I made lots. We were offered £2 for every flyer with Get-out Claws written on it as payment for the gig, but the entry fee was going to be £5 for our matey matey followers, so we got the price down to £3 for our friends and no payment for us. Because we're nice. Obviously.