Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wrote a song today, doesn't take a genius to work out what it's about

Black eyes melting in a spring time lullaby,
Sunshine ripping your eyes in two.
You’d better shut your mouth and shut your heart
In the company of those you thought you knew.
Pale smile falling like moon light too bright,
Tonight is going to end some time, people say it’s soon.
Are they blackbird choruses? People say of course it is
But I’ve always had a feeling what you say aint what you do.

Nicotine figurines of people that I’ve never seen,
People that I know you wouldn’t give a second glance.
Cut pay holiday and things I never meant to say
And other things I would if only given half the chance.
Sun and rain are all the same when feelings that I’m meant to tame
Catch on me like fire and burn through into my heart,
‘Bout love and fear I’ll say my dear, don’t believe all you hear,
Either one is strong enough to tear us far apart.

Black eyes glistening, you look as though you’re listening,
You look as thought you’re hearing every word I say.
Thin smile on your lips, remains of last night’s fish and chips,
Save it for the altar honey, things have been too much today.
Windows steaming up with fairytales you’re dreaming up
Of Frenchmen and philosophies and little rich boys dropping T’s.
Oh what a calamity when this is your reality
You’re shrouding all your memories, you’re haunting all my hopes and dreams.

One more chance to make this happen,
People said it never would.
One more chance to make this happen
Darling trust me I know I should know better.