Monday, 19 October 2009

A brief summary of recent events

So I'm sitting down enjoying the company
Of my dear friend and partner in crime
Nothing serious just some football
Some music, maybe even a conversation about nothing real.
My phone rings and it's on of those moments,
One of those once in a lifetime things that
Happens every day, my heart skips like my
Dad's Smiths records, the girl I love ringing me.
I say hi she says this ain't working properly,
I say what do you mean I can hear you fine,
No problems with the signal at all maybe your
New phone is fucking up, what a waste of cash that turned out to be. She laughs as
If I'm joking but then she's not laughing she's
Crying and she's like no, we're not working, this
Can't work it has to end, I love you but
You're not what I need.

Hit hard like a punch to the stomach from the bouncer
Outside your own gig who says nah you're not coming back
In if you leave you're like why and he says coz of the
Trackies and trainers mate so you say but mate this is
My gig, he asks if you're getting smart and as you shake
Your head he hits hard like a phone call out of the blue
From the only one you love telling you that it all
Has to end because you're two different people and
Other shit reasons like that. But you go to
Cover it up, drown it out in a sea of red wine and
You don't stop for a couple of days it gets worse and
No matter how much you try to distract yourself you
Can only think of her and how she knows you better than
You know yourself and now you know that you know
Nothing about her anymore so you ring her up and
Demand an explanation end up making it a lot worse
For both of you so then you drink some more wine.

A few days pass and you're beginning to get used
To the idea of not having that one person by
Your side and in your head and you start to think
That maybe all this isn't too bad after all I
Mean who gives a shit that I ain't been single since
I was fifteen and then you're sitting there drowning
Out the sounds of next-door hitting his wife with some
Music and filling your brain with useless knowledge about
Friends of friends of friends of friends and you see
You've got a message and you read it and it's her and
It all comes rushing back and you reach out to the
Nearest potential source of sympathy because all the
Wine's gone and it happens to be some girl from the past
Because funnily enough there's plenty of fish in
Your history because you haven't been exactly faithful
And this girl from the past says to you yeah it's
Shit but think back a year ago when you moved away
You told her it was fine you said it was working but
You still went off and acted like a complete and utter twat
And to be honest THAT is not what I call working
So yeah she still probably loves you but she's doing the
Right thing here, she doesn't want to betray you the way
You betrayed her so shut up and show her some
Fucking respect.

And I think yeah fair enough.


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