Friday, 12 December 2008

So here we go

Wow, shazamalamabam and other such exclamations of excitement and wonder, welcome to the blog. The blog. The Blog. Hmmm, that seems better. I don't really have much to say on right wing journalism and the pitfalls of the BBC but I'll try to keep up with the greats with respect to wonderful grammar and a thesauras-like vocabulary, perhaps, more likely I'll just be a bit catty about brilliantly mundane happenings in my sweet little life and then wonder why nobody cares.

Today somebody made joke about my hair, what a cunt.

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Passions etc could be staying up late enough to hear jazz on classical fm, kicking the shit out of musical instruments just to hear them cry and pretending to know more about books than I actually do. I'm currently apparently doing an English degree but I'm not at a University, well, I'm not at anything my grandfather would call a University and he is the font of all knowledge what with being an old blustering northern racist homophobe. Did I mention he's always right?

I'm an enthusiastic musician, "enthusiastic" being the most perfectly versatile of adjectives; I never said I was any good. I like writing songs that have no relevance to anyone, not even myself, they make people feel safe and warm, trust me, listen to The Wall, there we go, nice and fuzzy.

The purpose of this blog is really to put my words to a more harmless use and therefore lower the number of times I get kicked out of peoples' kitchens for being completely offensive, the way I see it is that if I complain to no-one in particular about nothing specific with a large amount of enthusiasm I'll stop being horrible to people. Hmm, let's see how this goes.

Oh, I forgot to add, I'm really deep and profound and troubled. Lol.


  1. An excellent start, apart from not spelling "thesaurus" in an orthodox fashion. I expect that this was less of an error and more of a statement.
    More disappointing was missing out on not being the first cunt on your blog. I don't recall making a joke about your hair. Or anything else.
    Keep up the good work! B+

  2. I don't need to welcome you, new-boy, since you're already here and seem to be settling in. . .

    (however I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that vicus has undersold me somewhat - I have far more and better qualities than just being the mother of a tall child)

    I will offer you some encouragement and enthusiam - if blogging brings you as many moments of sheer joy as it has me, and if you meet as many wonderful and interesting people as I have, and if you learn (or teach) (it works both ways) as much new stuff as I've learned (or taught), it won't have been a total waste of time and energy

    in fact, half as much of that and you'll be well served

    ten percent and it will still have been a very good investment of your time

    1% and you might worry that dear Vicus' contribution has put everyone else off - don't worry, being here virtually alone in the absence of each and every other soul on the planet, but with Vicus by your side, is worth his patronage

    (and you're off to a good start - he must really like you to have used an exclamation mark. . .)