Friday, 22 May 2009

An apology

For a largely ignored and neglected blog, this has now managed to upset its fair share of people, and not people that I would ever want to upset in my life. I was recently presented with a great opportunity to gain experience in a specific sector of employment, and for this I am incredibly grateful, I was looked after, made to feel welcome and taught an awful lot by a group of generous and understanding people. Previous words published on this blog have shown me to have differing views than those I have just stated, they were offensive, disrespectful and untrue in a lot of ways, small feelings of frustration and isolation led me to write them but now I realise that I was a complete and utter bastard for doing so.

So basically, to anyone who may read this, I'm really sorry, and that's not the kind of apology said just to get me out of trouble, it's a genuine and sincere apology. 

1 comment:

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